CHEMORES is an EU funded research collaboration involving clinicians and scientists at 20 universities, organizations for cancer research and research-oriented biotechnology companies in eight European countries. The purpose of the project is to improve cancer treatment by obtaining increased knowledge on mechanisms of chemotherapy resistance.

Lung cancer

Cancer represents one of the most serious health problems in Europe. It is estimated that the two diseases that are studied in CHEMORES, lung cancer and melanoma, caused over 350,000 deaths in Europe in 2002. An important contributing factor in cancer mortality is the fact that the most common types of cancer do not respond well to systemic chemotherapy in the advanced stages. Increased understanding of the underlying processes will contribute to the development of predictors of both therapy response and toxicity, and in the end more efficient and personalised therapy.









The final report for the CHEMORES project has been sent to the EC in October 2011. Click here for a Summary of the report.


Workshops on chemoresistance was organised by CHEMORES through out the course of the project. Please click here for more information.


Please click her for a list of all publications generated during the project.


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